So last Saturday night I went (uninvited) to a 21st with my father (awesome..) at which I had the opportunity to take some photos (with my camera) of some local belly dancers that was fun (and who were very good). Since I never take photos at parties I thought I would mark this audacious action with a new page and a new blog post (two actions that themselves are quite audacious and elusive).
Check it out homies and tell me what you think.....


So this is my very first blog! I'm sort of excited but I'm not even sure if people will read it...
I love photography as you may have gathered from my weebly website. I love portraits, landscapes, macro and pretty much every other aspect and I really hope that others find enjoyment in it also.
Have a look around my site if you want to and feel free to leave a comment so I know that someone's reading it!


    My name is Mikaelee Miller which is an imaginary name my Father gave me. I love photography and life and together its a pretty good combination.



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